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Nowhere Station Are Just The Right Amount Of Odd

Jun 06, 03:09pm

‘You’ve Got Me’ is quirky and accessible in equal amounts
 Photo Courtesy: Prabhash Dhama

Delhi’s Nowhere Station is putting out a track from their new album every month until its release later this year. June’s entry is ‘You’ve Got Me’, a song that sounds far simpler than it is and has some rather interesting things hiding under its surface. Whether that does enough to make the overall experience listenable is a matter of opinion, but it at least doesn’t just instantly go off into the background of your mind and become mindless mush. You have to give it that.

The song starts off with a handclap that is actually an artifact from their previous single ‘Oceans Beyond’; one is supposed to listen to both tracks together because it’s a continuous experience. Arty-ness aside, ‘You’ve Got Me’ works quite well on its own. Rijul Singh’s lead vocal is absolutely the highlight here; there are times when he in the only member taking the song forward and providing some really memorable moments, especially in the song’s first half. The rhythm section (courtesy Dhruv Dhingra and Anand Mittal on bass and drums respectively) is tight and finds space to work in a great bassline and groove or two in what is a surprisingly quiet and understated mix. Anurag Hazarika has all the space in the world to go nuts but shows a good amount of restraint in his lead sections. The song has a bunch of little transitions, a small solo and numerous tiny sections, but Nowhere Station decides to exert a great of deal of control over what their music does. That being said, there are a bunch of nice ideas on ‘You’ve Got Me’, it is an entertaining listen and even though it uses sounds that everyone and their mother is using in the indie space, it doesn’t just fade away into generic nothingness. That’s worth a listen on its own.


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