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The New Gumbal Single Is Dedicated To Essential Workers And The Affected

Jun 08, 01:46pm

‘Going Home’ is about just that for people finding it difficult to do so
 Photo Courtesy: Gumbal

Once all this is over, a lot of people are going to be careless and forget about just how significant this time is in our history and how many people are suffering from losing work and their livelihoods and homes. Our art is going to be one of many reminders about the events of the last few months. Mumbai’s Gumbal is putting out an album called ‘Songs From The Muck’ conceived and made entirely during quarantine. ‘Going Home’ is the second single from that album and is a dedication to essential people.

Musically, the track is quite simple. There is an interesting bounce to it courtesy of what sounds like pizzicato strings and a really groovy bassline. It has a catchy chorus and a rather hopeful air to it. The track is actually a change of pace for the band; there is a marked absence of riffs or heavier textures. Even though there are multiple tones and ‘colors’ in the mix, the jaunty air ‘Going Home’ has comes from the floaty melodies and relatively light processing on everything. The vocal harmonies also contribute to this feeling. We are generally running low on hope and general good news these days, and it’s nice to have art that takes stock of that while trying to see a brighter side to all this. Gumbal is keeping things relevant here, and they’re helping with some good music in these times.

The band has included a link in the video description where you can contribute and donate to solving the issue of keeping migrant workers and other affected parties safe.


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