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Toymob Drops An Experimental KHOR

Jun 09, 01:35pm

Toymob drops new EP called KHOR
 Photo Courtesy: Khor Artwork: Ari Jayaprakash

Ashhar Farooqui aka “Toymob” is a seasoned singer, writer and producer whose contribution to the Indian electronica scene has been unique through varied efforts in his journey as a musician. His past contribution with live-electronica band “Envision” in early 2K years, is revered among musicians even today. His collaboration with Donn Bhat+ Passenger Revelator & the duo set-up IJA has been equally revealing of his distinct abilities to push boundaries as a producer and singer. 


“I did not write this EP with the intention of ‘easy listening’. For me it’s a raw wound and a feeling of nausea”
- Toymob



Toymob’s latest EP “Khor” is a comprehensive world of sounds lending a peak into his core identity as an artist. The listening experience of the 5-track EP is emotionally an intrepid leap from his last EP “Ziggurat” in 2017 while retaining the distinct Toymob sound.


Listen to KHOR


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