• Thu, Oct 21, 2021

Rapper Raoul Kerr Has A Direct Message With New Single

Oct 15, 04:10pm

‘Raise No Flag’ is a much-needed uplifting take  

New Delhi hip-hop artist Raoul Kerr’s new video and single ‘Raise No Flag’ deals with the barely-discussed subject matter of how we’re screwed and that we need to take action given how this year has been. No one even brings it up! Joking aside, instead of highlighting just how bad things have been and being generally despondent, Raoul goes the other way and looks beyond 2020 with hope and fun. And that’s at the very least a good sentiment. Oh, and ‘Raise No Flag’ is a trap banger. Hell yes.

It’s not easy to relate to we can still get through this and everything will be okay right now. That’s a fair thought to have. But the nice thing about this song is that it puts some important energy into that frame of mind. The beat here is club trap fare, but that’s actually a nice touch these days. It’s sunny, it’s not full of unnecessary subtleties for the genre, and it’s generally a good time. Raoul talks about a lot of the same sentiments, and his positive outlook on everything is a nice thing to have and listen to when it looks bleak. For that alone, ‘Raise No Flag’ is a W, even if it’s not your cup of tea.


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