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Rivita Uses Pop Ballads To Great Effect On New Single

Apr 08, 02:33pm

The production on ‘Lonely With Someone’ leaves nothing to be desired
 Photo Courtesy: Chang William Wang

Singer-songwriter Rivita has built up a bunch of experiences and musical influences while living around the world and studying, so her commercial output has been varied (in the pop sphere, of course) over the last eight years. Her new single ‘Lonely With Someone’ sounds good for sure, but it also brings out an aspect of writing music that people don’t seem to value as much today as they used to sometimes: simplicity. Beyond a few nice sonic touches, the song is one of those quietly inspirational pieces that relies on an easy melody and some well-placed instrumentation. In a good way, that’s about it.

Rivita produces, engineers and sings all her music by herself, so it’s safe to say she is as good at arranging as she is as the actual writing. Those two processes yield nice results on this song; the aforementioned instrumentation consists of pianos that eventually give way to layers of guitars. The more riff-like playing that carries the track’s second half gives the emotion a sizeable lift and allows her to avoid plastering her vocals all over every second of the track. That’s smart, because her vocal melody is used sparingly enough that it sticks while not being overly sentimental. The more quiet and mellow first half sets up the more dense and ‘grand’ end of the song really well and allows a fair amount of ground to be covered in just a shade over three minutes. Irrespective of your thoughts on snippets of phone calls being used as spoken word during a bridge (that happens here, but it’s your opinion whether it contributes to the song’s emotion with its snapshot of real life or deters from it), Rivita ensures that the bare bones of her music work and sound good. Considering she does it all on her own, that’s quite commendable.


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