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Second Sight Release Nuanced New Single

Apr 13, 04:56pm

‘La Hermosa Tristeza’ combines Latin influences with the more relaxed nature of the 70s Brazlian revival

MPB (which is música popular brasileira) was one of the most important musical movements people don’t speak about enough; it combined Brazilian urban music with jazz, rock and a bunch of other Western sounds to create something all its own. Yes, Girl From Ipanema flew the style’s flag, but there was a lot more to it. Mumbai duo Second Sight more than does this justice on their flowing and super laid-back ‘La Hermosa Tristeza’.

Anusha Ramasubramoney (on main vocals) has a strong delivery, but she tones it down here (and rightly so). There is something about the slow-dancing and undeniably relaxed grooves of the genre that encourages a certain calmness you just cannot find anywhere else. Second Sight doesn’t lean on the beautiful chords here as a crutch, though. They make sure they write a song around it, and in the process, they get everything right. The funhouse pianos, the chorus that is impossible to sing along to (the song is mostly in Spanish, but it’s a huge credit to the band that it doesn’t matter; you’ll sing it anyway), the switch-up in the middle of the track; it all goes over incredibly well. They get the harmonies and instrumentation just right as well, so if you are looking for an way into a world of music you aren’t familiar with, Second Sight has provided the perfect mode of entry. There’s also an album coming, so expect good things.


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