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Shye Ben Tzur Releases Introspective Rendition Of A Classic Anthem

Jul 19, 01:52pm

The Israeli polymath does a sparse version of ‘We Shall Overcome’ from his living room
 Photo Courtesy: Shye Ben Tzur

We Shall Overcome is a protest song we all know. From its beginning in the 40s as an American civil rights anthem to its countless interpretations in different countries at different times (we all know ‘Hum Honge Kamyaab Ek Din, of course, adapted by poet Girija Kumar Mathur), the song has had cultural importance for many decades. It has brought people together in touch times; Israeli musician Shye Ben Tzur (who has been in India and has been part of Indian music for a long, long time) channels this spirit in his cover, made in his living room in lockdown.

Accompanied by a wide, spacey guitar and a couple more textures, the arrangement is quite simple but, as it should, the focus is on the words and their power. Shye has been making and studying music in India for a long time, and since this is a song we all know, this version serves as yet another reminder that we are a community and we should not lose that sense even though we have to stay apart in these times.



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