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Songwriter Theharity Focuses On Poppiness And Simplicity

Jul 22, 10:40am

His single ‘Different’ is one of those songs that doesn’t need any preamble or explanation

Singer-songwriter Sourabh Tyagi makes music as Theharity and has been releasing simple and sweet pop since last year. His debut single ‘Different’ serves as a good marker of where he started from; a simple song with simple sounds and a catchy hook. Considering he has been putting out singles since this came out last year, this seems like a good starting point.

There isn’t anything complex or particularly nuanced to dive into here. ‘Different’ has a bunch of electronic sounds; there’s something about it that sounds like it is composed of loops from some old keyboard, but that’s entertaining in a way. He has a very easygoing delivery without any vocal chops, runs or anything beyond straight-ahead, simple singing. The hook is the most accessible section of the track and the rest of it just keeps up a comfortable, jaunty level of energy. There really isn’t much to dive into or nitpick here. It’s just a good, cheerful song. That is enough a lot more often than we think.


Listen below:



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