• Mon, Mar 1, 2021

Sweet Mint Guitarist Pradeept Rai Debuts With Shine

Jul 21, 03:50pm

Pradeept drops debut single featuring fellow guitarist Vinod Arora 
 Photo Courtesy: Pradeept Rai

Pradeept Rai is based out of New Delhi and plays guitar for the progressive rock band “Sweet Mint”. His new single ‘Shine’ is his debut release and features guitar player Vinod Arora from “Kapow!”. The instrumental track is a commendable showcase of Rai’s skills as a guitar player and composer. ‘Shine’ features Vinod Arora as he comes on board with playing a guitar solo and co-producing the track. 


“We do not know what is in front of is and what lies ahead,all we can do is stay strong and shine through whatever comes upon us”
- Pradeept Rai about SHINE


Listen below:



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