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Spotify Is Finally In India

Feb 27, 11:40am

The music streaming giant quietly launched yesterday  
 Photo Courtesy: Google Images

Going against the tradition of telling people when your app finally launches in a new country, the Spotify went live on app stores in India yesterday. After the years of hype and anticipation for this launch, it went off in a blaze of no publicity. 


There are a few options for Spotify’s Premium feature (which is ad-free and allows unrestricted playback of songs among other things); it starts at 13 bucks for a day and goes up to 1200 rupees for a year. There are also options to pay via online payment services like PayTM and Google Pay, which makes this one of the smarter music streaming models in the country (most other services require the bothersome process of setting up debit cards which may or may not work), which means that it is going to take off in a big way. If Spotify decides to tell people about their app, that is.


Check out the Spotify Campaign film for India below:




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