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The Circus Play Saturday Night Live at Roost Bistro

Jul 25, 04:47pm

Electro ambient rock band The Circus plan on celebrating the band's seventh birthday, which was on July 15, with a gig at Roost Bistro on tomorrow -  July 26.

The Circus are going to celebrate their birthday - July 15 - with a gig tomorrow evening, i.e. July 26, at the Roost Bistro in Hauz Khas Village. Here are some of the essentials you'd be interested in: the entry is free; there seem to be a few affordable drinking options at the bar; and a live set from The Circus, doing what they do best.  

Over the last seven years, The Circus have laid waste to some 200 stages across the country, shelling out high intensity aural devastation. With Abhishek Bhatia's subliminally intense vocals, Arsh Sharma's relentless guitar bashing, bassist Abhinav Chaudhary's sonic booms, and Anshul Lall's unshakeable groove, The Circus are an unforgettable live act. The band will be playing a set off of the two full length albums - Bats and From Space - and their covers EP, Sheep. This gig seems like a good way to celebrate a Saturday night; mazel tov.

Visit the Facebook events page for further information.

Watch The Circus play 'We're In This Together' by Nine Inch Nails below:

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