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Watch Soulmate talk about their slot between two metal bands

Jan 31, 11:51pm

Watch blues giants Soulmate from Shillong reminisce about GIR festival 
 Photo Courtesy: Soulmate

Shillong blues band Soulmate was given a slot to perform between two of the biggest metal bands Bhayanak Maut and Joint Family at the Great Indian Rock (GIR) festival back in 2008. In this video below, guitar legend Rudy Wallang remembers the early days of the band discovering new fans as one his fondest memories of this iconic festival.


At a time when GIR was perhaps the only platform for discovering independent music in India, audiences accepted all music regardless of genre and slots. GIR was the first successfully curated single stage multi-genre independent music festival in those years.


I think we garnered quite a huge fan following after that evening. So it really has helped us a lot. 
- Rudy Wallang (Soulmate)

Watch the video below:


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