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Winter Mosh- A definitive North East music event

Dec 26, 04:16pm

 Photo Courtesy: Andrew Marwein, LAC

That so much happens in the North East with music is not surprising. Check out this annual music event called Winter Mosh on December 30, 2017 at Nongpathar Playground, Nongstoin. Headliners and local acts from the state will be performing at this second edition. Bands like Plague Throat (Shillong), Intestinal Carnage (Shillong), Slaughter of Innocence (Nongstoin), Maian (Mairang), Depassionate (Mairang), Natura (Shillong), Maximal (Guwahati), Lunatic Fringe (Guwahati), Chaotic Dread (Nongpoh), Pharia (Nongstoin), Uthanatos (Shillong), Eternal Scorn (Shillong) and many others are going to perform at the event.



Situated among the beautiful hills, the event promises to scale up in the coming years and intends to be a landmark music event in the North East. 



To know more about the event click here





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