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philterSoup And SAT Come Together On The Warm, Dreamy EP 'Emersion'


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The music here features some of the most comforting textures you’ll hear
 Photo Courtesy: Naman Saraiya

There’s a real beauty to the idea of using inorganic, electronic sounds to make something that lives, breathes and feels oddly alive. Many movements have explored this kind of mentality from the bleep-bloop era of yesteryear to the ocean of DAW tools you can find on a torrent site today (don’t steal plugins you can pay for, by the way). ‘Emersion’, this eight-minute-long trio of musical vignettes is the very satisfying result of a collaboration between two eminent indie names; philterSoup (Sanjay Das, Mumbai, composer, pusher of an envelope or two) and SAT (Satyajit Chatterji, musician, songwriter, bass player). This is far from an abrasive and jagged little release. In fact, it’s almost agreeable, definitely warm and a lovely experience all round. That familiar friendliness is something our ears need right now (more than we think).

There’s a wonderfully calming vibe to the three songs on here. ‘You Keep Moving’ has some absolutely delicious bass playing and some a pretty swung drum groove; there’s the spirit of the last decade’s modern jazz and neo-soul resurgence to be found here. There’s a particular way your head will bob to the rhythm section here that’s very… just, nice. Supporting acts are pop and bangs of a bunch of synth sounds, some chopped vocal a la 90s house and a chill vocal melody. Sweet chords too. ‘Split The Difference’ has a IDM-trap marriage for a groove and warm piano as its beating heart. There’s a smidge of new-retro game soundtracks in its synths, and again, really easygoing vocals. That’s a template to notice here; the vocals are absolutely another instrument. Towards the end of the tune, things do take on the slightest of dark tinges; there’s a bit of vibrato, this low bass sound that raises its hackles et al. Delightful! The EP closes on the three and a half minute ‘Anything You Want’ which has a classic chord progression from the early 2000s era of avant-garde and art-rock. Layers weave in and out to meet each other at certain points, and those points really drive up the feeling. The jittery groove sits perfectly comfortable in it all. It’s a quality end to a quality release.

This idea of electronic music being a warm and approachable medium deserves reiterating. While the listener would perhaps enjoy this at the end of a long night or the start of the long day, the (sometimes pretentious) philosophical ear would find in ‘Emersion’ the opposite of highlighting what’s wrong with everything, which is quietly enjoying what’s still all right. Whichever one you might be, philterSoup and SAT will give you a good listen.


Listen here.

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