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Scratch Your Prog Itch With A New EP From Apoorv Singh Kathait


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‘The Chronicles Of Shredman Singh’ thankful doesn’t take itself too seriously


Sometimes, people forget how to have fun. At a time where important statements and razor-sharp social commentary is the name of the game in more popular music than ever before, there has been a bit of a shift away from the idea of all-out entertainment. This fresh EP from guitarist-songwriter Apoorv Singh Kathait isn’t just bombast and colour, but that’s where its heart is. It’s a well-performed, rather loud instrumental prog EP that deals with its story (or at least its premise) in a lighthearted way. Finally; finally, we have something that doesn’t talk about abstractions of death or loosely written science fiction tropes. This is fun, and fun is what you’ll have.

The three tracks on this EP are about a character, the well-named Shredman Singh; there’s nothing more to suggest a narrative other than his emotional awakening. ‘Joy’ goes through time signatures faster than an exam student through gel pens. There are big riffs and the obligatory straight-time clean interlude slap-bang in the middle of the tune. Apoorv is clearly a very skilled player and good at his craft, which shows. ‘Rage’ starts right off with old-school power or speed metal vibes; There’s some shredding (as per brand) and some real aggressive rhythm playing. The furious groove is further enhanced by very clean, heavy production. Great breakdown too. Things close out with ‘Redemption’ which features Subu Nomo and sees Apoorv hit an appropriately high emotional peak. This is the last few minutes of every epic prog album, the outro of every memorable long song you’ve come across. It’s strong.

‘The Chronicles Of Shredman Singh’ doesn’t lean too hard on its premise or tire you with an endless barrage of guitar trickery. It finds a sweet spot of simply being a good time and is content to stay there. This is good, because many a listener also finds comfort and contentment in turning off their analytical brain and just having a good, fulfilling listen. This EP is that.


Listen here.

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