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Anupam Roy Encourages Us To Look After Ourselves

May 19, 08:45am

‘Miss Understanding’ is a truthful and self-aware statement of preserving oneself and letting go
 Photo Courtesy: Anupam Roy

Anupam Roy is a well-known figure in the scene, having been active for more than a decade and doing a lot of work in the Bengali film industry. His clear singing voice and lyrical ability have contributed to the quality of his music and his forays into English and Bollywood have been met with the same acclaim. His new song ‘Miss Understanding’ stands out for its purity and honesty.

‘Miss Understanding’ is mostly about not letting negative feelings stew and form monsters of their own in one’s heart. The production ensures that everything sounds sufficiently full; the meat of the track is Anupam’s voice and an acoustic guitar. Some understated bass, electric guitar, percussion and muted drums help the main elements on their way. All in all, ‘Miss Understanding’ is refreshing in how clean it sounds. Credit is also due to his vocal performance, which is devoid of frills or unnecessary complexity (which stays in keeping with the subject matter of the track). The song’s three minutes consist mainly of him singing about the memories of a relationship that require moving on from. He encourages us to do the same and look out for ourselves; Anupam comes across as an honest songwriter who is simply getting something off his chest before that thing starts doing more harm than good. That is sort of the beauty of this song; it’s endearing and relatable in how simple and direct it is. “Stop throwing punches”, he sings in the chorus; everything about this song supports the idea of just stating things and being real. It’s something we can all learn from.


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By Madhusudan Raman