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Chirag Todi Releases Sunny New Single

Aug 10, 02:00pm

If roadtrips were possible, ‘Desire’ would be a fixture on them

Ahmedabad jazz band Heat Sink’s founder Chirag Todi has done a lot with the band setup, winning the NEXA music hunt and putting out some quality releases along the way. His debut single ‘Desire’, however, is a rather simple and well put together piece of pop that ditches a lot of Heat Sink’s nuance for crisp grooves, catchy hooks and melodies that even the least musically inclined person on the planet can sing.

‘Desire’ is a collaboration with two other artists; Tanya Nambiar and Second Sight’s Pushkar Srivatsal. But the focus is given to three things; guitars, drums and bass. They are produced really well and the grooves from the drums and bass are infectious. The song does have some variation in its structuring and transitions, but the hooks are where you’d expect them. A bunch of extra instrumentation provides some welcome colour; there are horns and keys almost throughout the track and a pretty nifty saxophone solo rounds out the tune. But all that is more flavour than anything else. ‘Desire’ at its heart is a good pop tune, and it gets all the elements that go into one of those right.


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