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IIT Madras Will Host Saarang '15 through January 8 to 11

Dec 21, 04:32pm

IIT Madras's annual cultural festival, Saarang, is set to to be held across January 8 to 11; and, will bring together an amazing line-up of muscians like Nucleya, Karnivool, Sunidhi Chauhan, and more.

The 2015 edition of IIT Madras’s annual cultural festival, Saarang, is set to bring together a host of artists including Delhi-based electronica artist Nucleya, Australian progressive rock band Karnivool, playback singer Sunidhi Chauhan, and more, delivering performances set across January 8 to 11. The four-day festival invites students, artists, and participants, to experience a series of events including art, music, dance; and an array of workshops, stalls, and more.

Having featured artists like British metalcore band Architects,  Swedish heavy metal band Opeth, The Manganiyar Trio & Team, and many more such renowned artists in past editions, Saarang is definitely one of the festivals that one should not miss out on.

Buy the tickets online here.

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