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Metal in Nepal gets extremely brutal

Feb 10, 02:54am

Nepal Deathfest, a 4-year-old extreme metal festival gets more brutal with intense line-up and growing numbers of fans
 Photo Courtesy: Nepal Deathfest

Brutal Pokhara’s Zivong Gurung and Vishal Rai of Extreme Underground Metal Society of Nepal started Nepal Deathfest 4 years ago with the sole intent of connecting extreme metal fans together under one roof over two days of mayhem.

In the past, the festival has managed to bring in bands like Creature of Judgement and Homicide (Bangladesh), Fragarak  (India), Defiled (Japan), Malapateka (Malaysia), Smallpox Aroma (Thailand), Meat Train (England), Nervo Chaos (Brazil), Sete Star Sept (Japan) and Fleshcrawl (Germany).

Approximately 500 plus numbers of hardcore fans attend this festival. This year Nepal Deathfest is scheduled to happen on March 10th and 11th and has announced the new line-up of domestic bands including Rog, Aakrosh, Error, Discord, Strangle, Scutter and Desperate Mile. The list of headliners is yet to be announced. If you are planning to visit Nepal anytime soon, this is a perfect opportunity for connecting with extreme metal music in the region. To stay updated with further announcements, join their official facebook page here

“We aim to bring the most accomplished, intense bands and fans together to celebrate the glorious genres of Extreme Metal”
- Nepal Deathfest


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