• Sat, Jan 28, 2023

Nami Releases An Absolute Pop Banger With Enviable Confidence

Feb 17, 02:44pm

‘Back2Reality’ deserves all the good times it’s going to produce

Nami is a singer-songwriter from Chennai. Her new single ‘Back2Reality’, besides its press material, can only be described in one way, which is a solid party. This is no nostalgia-laden rave, mind. This is modern pop doing possibly the only thing it does right, which is be vaguely hopeful until it becomes positive. Now, of course, this is no thesis on songwriting or a proof of what the right way forward is. This exemplifies the rather modern trend of music being made for nothing but itself. Is it self-indulgent? Yes. Is it also a hell of a lot of fun? Yes.

You could simplify this into a pretty clear formula, to be fair. There are the chords that carry the song completely, there’s Nami’s relatively carefree delivery, but more than anything else, there’s one element of ‘Back2Reality’ that drives the song’s sentiment home. And it’s the oldest trick in the book: four-on-the-floor. This groove is good ol’ electronic music, and even though it does have some tabla on it, it does overtly classic things. The bassline is straight out of something that would have made you put your hands up when life was simpler. To be fair, that’s selling the production short. There are some delayed bits of guitar and some (strange, to be honest) nature foley sounds in the mix. At the end of trying to break down a simple but effective pop tune, those are the only words that stand out; simple and effective. Don’t enter the ‘Back2Reality’ listening experience expecting things to pop out at you twenty listens in or even some sort of complex, involved narrative. The song will do one job, which is slap every time you throw it on. And that one job it does well.


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