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PCRC Played MADE Stage, Delhi

Nov 16, 05:28pm

We spoke to Delhi-based experimental indie rock band Peter Cat Recording Co. about their experience playing at the Delhi edition of Budweiser's MADE Stage along with experimental electronica duo BLOT.

On November 9, last week, Social at Hauz Khas village played an exciting stage to Budweiser’s Delhi edition of the ‘MADE Stage’, featuring a stunning evening of visual and aural delight. Delhi-based electronica duo BLOT, and experimental indie rock outfit Peter Cat Recording Co., worked in close collabortaion to create an experience of a ‘ballroom on a spaceship travelling from the Hexard quadrant to the Tilliar Constellation in the southern Head region.’ “It was kick ass man,” PCRC bassist Rohan Kulshreshtha tells us. “We got to curate the entire thing, we were in control of the set up and everything, a to z. We were very happy with the sound, the new songs came out nicely and the response to the songs were great.” Working critically to create an amazing evening, Rohan tells us that the MADE Stage is completely different from other run of the mill gigs. “It’s a platform man, you get to explore a bit further. For example for the PCRC gig we did the entire arena, the lighting, the led works, the outfits. So it was a complete plan it wasn’t like just set up the band on stage to play. Bands actually got to figure out the whole arena the whole evening was planned.”

the MADE Stage’s Delhi edition raked a considerable number of music lovers from the city, who seemed to resonate an affirmative response to the gig. “Since it was small tight space people kept on coming and going,” Rohan tells us. “BLOT was playing that night; so a shit load of people came, generally averse to banging beats and stuff. The crowd had a good time capturing the Peter Cat sound. People were there throughout the gig man, they were actually listening.”

PCRC launched a foray of tracks from their latest album – something crowds had been waiting for a long time – rocking out an amazing set. “The first few tracks were off of the regular songs that we do,” Rohan says, “And the last six or seven songs were off of the new album. We played for like ninety minutes man.”

The next edition of MADE Stage will be held in Banglore at Pebbles on November 23.

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Watch the behgind the scenes video below:

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