• Sat, Jul 4, 2020

First Listen: Kraken Release New Single 'Clowns Aren't Funny After Midnight'

Jul 26, 10:55am

Check out the glimmering new track from the Delhi rock band
 Photo Courtesy: Moses Koul

It’s about time Kraken unleashed to the world their brand new direction. Although anyone who’s seen them at the occasional show over the last few years knows that they’ve taken a melody-heavy direction that avoids clichés, there’s finally sonic proof with their upcoming album LUSH.

With their first single, ‘Yooo! It’s a Letter From My Koi Fish’, there was a signal towards indie, math and rock influences. Now there’s one of their earliest compositions – ‘Clowns Aren’t Funny After Midnight’ – that’s made it to the final tracklist of LUSH. It’s got a happy hardcore vibe, but remains unpredictably delightful for fans of guitar noodling, prog and whacked-out vocals.

Guitarist Moses Koul tells us that the album – which got its name LUSH very spontaneously – is more about emotions and effects than chanelling influences of bands they admire. He likens listening to the album as “a nice walk in a forest”. Moses talks about places, people and experiences more than anything music-related while describing the process of making LUSH, which was recorded by Keshav Dhar. He recalls when the band visited Austria to play at European Bike Week in 2015. “That visit, as a band and playing to a crowd that didn’t even know they had guitars in india, that influenced us.” 

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