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Delhi Metal Act Kraken Get Things 'Kracking'

Aug 25, 03:28pm

Delhi based metallers Kraken have finally got the ball rolling with the release of their first single, 'Dance Jane Dance', from their upcoming debut EP. Although the band has been around for a while, it has suffered from the commonly cited symptom of lineup changes. But with the present set up, things seem to be getting positive. 

After setting themselves free from some unexpected delays, Delhi based metal rockers Kraken have finally made their single ‘Dance Jane Dance’ accessible to the audiences by releasing it online for free streaming (and probably free download soon, if we go by their recent Facebook post).  The energetic song is part of their upcoming untitled debut EP, for which the band has been working tirelessly with Arcube Records where Sahil Dhingra and Ramanan Venkatraman are spearheading the production duties.

Undergoing a slew of lineup changes since their inception, it seems that stability is something that has eluded the group for a long time. But now we can sense that the winds of change are blowing in the right direction as the band seems to have finally found an ensemble which seems to be showing promising signs of sticking together for a long time. In fact, they have made things exciting and unconventional by incorporating two vocalists – one handling growl duties and the other, clean parts – which would surely facilitate in ushering a new dimension to their music, making it all the more rich.

Keeping all these points in mind, one can easily draw the conclusion that Kraken are finally getting things ‘kracking’ for the near future, and to keep high expectations from them should not be much of an issue.

Stream 'Dance Jane Dance' by Kraken below:


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