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Control Alt Delete 6.0 Announce Lineup

Aug 19, 02:38pm

After the maddening success of The Metal Chapter' earlier this year. Control Alt Delete 6.0 announce their line up for September 14 at the Blue Frog in Mumbai.

Control Alt Delete 6.0 has announced its lineup for September 14 at the Blue Frog in Mumbai; featuring another spectacular collection of artists to follow up 'The Metal Chapter’ from earlier this year. Bringing together bands like, Bombay’s alternative rock act Spud in the Box, Calcutta alt pop band The Ganesh Talkies, Delhi’s punk/lo-fi band Hoirong, and many more; CAD 6.0 is going through with the ‘pay what you want’ crowd funding initiative, continuing their streak of fortune. We asked mastermind Rishu Singh about his faith in crowd funding – when it would give most other organizers a serious case of the panic attacks – and his answer swooped in with a curt, never been more definitive, “Yes.” He said, “See, I think it’s the content, and it’s the passion with which everyone is involved. Very frankly I believe the audience is very sensible, they understand if you’re giving them a shit product expecting them to pay for it. I don’t think crowd funding will ever work in a scenario like that.”

Rishu believes it all boils down to content, and that seems to be the case looking back toward the last edition. “Even with ‘The Metal Chapter’ what we saw, was that it was great content,” said Rishu, “It was Undying coming back to Bombay after a while; it was like the most brutal line up Bombay had seen over the years. Till date, maybe one of the heaviest line ups, all of which adds to the charm of the event, you know. It makes you feel like contributing, ‘ki boss, yeh karna hai merko yaar.’ I think that is like the key thing.”

As it goes for the upcoming edition, Rishu is excited to watch Delhi post punk outfit The Vinyl Records live; he said, “Bombay will get to see some good bands. The bands will have fun, and the people who land up at the gig will have fun. Everybody will just have a great gig all around.”

Visit the Facebook page for further details.

Contribute to the gig here.

Full lineup below:

Bombay Bassment (Bombay)

The Ganesh Talkies (Calcutta)

Spud In The Box (Bombay)

Until We Last (Bangalore)

The Vinyl Records (Delhi)


Space Behind The Yellow Room (Bangalore)

I Am Bliss (Pune)


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