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FuzzCulture Record New Album

Aug 21, 12:52pm

Delhi's pumpiest elctronic rock duo FuzzCulture are working on their latest addition - a full length album set to release later this year. We spoke to frontman and guitarist Arsh Shamra about the new record.
 Photo Courtesy: Harjas Singh

Delhi based electro rock duo FuzzCulture are working on a full length record in the studio, due to release sometime late October or November this year. The duo released their debut EP, Indulge.Divulge, last year; instantly winning over a cult following, and moving toward making FuzzCulture a household name. Front man and axe wielder, Arsh Sharma told us that momentum is never to be broken; “The idea is to just keep writing,” he said, “After we finished our EP last year, we went straight back to the studio, and started writing immediately.” Arsh held back from divulging too many details on the upcoming record, the title of the album for one, is under scrutiny at the moment. But rest assured, the new album promises a lot more catchy progressions, and easily loveable grooves. “Our EP was slightly tedious work,” Arsh told us, “In this album the songs are shorter, there are a lot more vocal hooks in them, there’s a lot more guitar. It’s got more of our of our rock influences into the electronic sphere. It’s not just pure digital work.”

Operating out of Studio Fuzz – one of the exceptional recording spaces in the city – the duo live in a ‘work is play’ environment; spending all day experimenting on their sound. Arsh called the songwriting as a “very whenever, whatever type of process.” With the album tracked at Studio Fuzz, the duo plan on getting the record mastered in London.

FuzzCulture will be playing at the Summerhouse Café in Hauz Khas Village tomorrow, i.e. August 22.

Stream Indulge.Divulge by FuzzCulture below:

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