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RSJ Live Nites Featuring Hoirong on March 27 at Turquoise Cottage, Delhi

Mar 24, 03:22pm

The sixth edition of RSJ Live Nites featuring Hoirong, Run It's the kid, Nice Weather For Ducks and The Urban Earlymen, will be hosted at Turquoise Cottage in Saket on March 27.

Drop by the Turquoise Cottage in Saket this Thursday, March 27, at around seven-ish, as Rock Street Journal brings to you the sixth edition of RSJ Live Nites for an evening of stellar music. As part of filling a certain void in the gig scene, the latest edition of RSJ Live Nites, a series of independent pub and outdoor gigs, features a line-up headlined by low-fi noise rock band Hoirong, fronted by Kamal Singh, formerly of Bangalore’s Lounge Piranha, and also includes bands like Shantanu Pandit’s RUN It’s the Kid; new kids on the block, Nice Weather For Ducks; and psychedelic rock front, The Urban Earlymen. With admission to the gig at Rs. 200, expect to enjoy the pleasure of brilliant soulful music, a cool stage and a bar, what more could one ask for?

RSJ Live Nites have been the kind of appendix to the Indian music scene that constantly pump in great gigs one after another; tearing up stages all across, featuring bands like Undying Inc., Jaga Jazzist, Fuzz Culture, Zygnema, Scribe and more. Watch out for this edition as we showcase some of the most promising bands around in New Delhi. 


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