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Sounds Of Freedom To Be Held On March 23

Mar 20, 02:56pm

Sounds of Freedom is a day long concert to be held on March 23, showcasing an eclectic line-up of musicians from around the world.

Gather together at the NSIC Grounds in Okhla on March 23 for a day long concert, called Sounds of Freedom, presented by Teamwork, aligning together premier musicians from various genres and nationalities celebrating freedom of expression through music. The concert showcases a dazzling line up including Kerala’s alternative rock band Avial, Egypt’s hip-hop group Arabian Knightz, Chattisgarh’s Bastar Band and Ireland’s Bob Geldof. The concert will be held across two stages simultaneously playing music ranging from indie to folk to popular and much more. The idea of the concert is to raise consciousness and celebrate the right to freedom of expression through music, art and poetry. Sanjoy Roy, Managing Director, Teamwork  says, “Given the huge potential that art has to generate dialogue and discourse, we hope that through music SOF will be a powerful tool to reaffirm the importance of imagination, creativity and emotion in sustaining and enriching conversations around democracy, freedom and right to freedom of expression.” The concert also discusses social issues and aims to bring change in our mind frame and to raise awareness about concerns relating to the freedom of expression in our country.

Apart from this, Sounds of Freedom will also launch the SOF Album, a compilation of songs from varied genres: from acoustic folk to jazz rock, from blues to post rock to completely unchartered territory as well. The album was put together over a span of two months, with the help of students from different colleges in Delhi and NCR.

Visit the official website for more information.

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