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BOA 2014 To Be Held on September 13

Jul 02, 02:22pm

Bangalore Open Air have announced the 2014 edition of the festival to be held at CounterCulture on Septmber 13.

Bangalore Open Air have announced the third edition of the festival to be held at CounterCulture in Bangalore on September 13, featuring a line-up of hard hitting international and Indian metal acts. The line-up so far has been a slightly tight lipped issue, but this is what co-founder Salman Syed told us: "We have a German thrash band, a black metal band from Greece, a death metal band from Italy, and few Indian bands."

Having raised the dough for two previous editions of the festival and executing them DIY-style, Bangalore Open Air, spear headed a crowd funding campaign to sponsor this year's edition. While crowd funding might have seemed to be a noble and symbiotic process to pull off a festival of this scale, Salman confessed that it didn't work. "In fact we could only raise about 10% of the entire campaign," he said, "I don't think the concept of crowd funding works in India, that's when we decided that whatever money we have arranged, let's try doing something with that."

Having featured artists like Kreator, Dark Tranquility, Ihsahn, Demonic Resurrection, Kryptos and many more, and audience numbers growing over 2000 metal heads, BOA's third edition is not short of soaring expectations. "I just want to have a successful festival this year," Salman said, "We've had two successful editions, and I really hope this edition works out also." 

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Watch a video of what BOA 2014 is all about below:

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